Eventlog #1

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Eric Allam
Eric Allam


Quick start templates

We've created a collection of easy-to-use workflow templates that showcase various features of, making it easier for you to get started:


More integrations: Airtable & SendGrid

We've been working hard to improve our integrations system that makes it easier to build them. We've also added two new beta integrations: Airtable and SendGrid. With Notion and Typeform coming soon.

Improved documentation

Furthermore, we've made significant improvements to our docs to provide you with a better understanding of how our system works. We've added new guides on using integrations, how environments and API keys work, and more.

Other improvements:

  • We've added the new runOnce and runOnceLocalOnly functions to support running custom idempotent actions.

  • We've also updated the integration to include the ability to show and respond to Slack Modals, and add reactions.

  • We've improved the Workflow Overview experience and made mock test data available for all trigger types to make initial testing easier.